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It is no longer a necessity to sit through 3 hour lectures to learn something.  Technology has allowed the world to communicate like it never has been able to before.   Through a few clicks of the mouse, a person is able to discover almost anything they could ever imagine.

For educators technology it is an abundant resource, which the limits of, have yet to be discovered.  The days of creating lessons for students to memorize vocabulary words are over.  Educators now can research any topic for any age and find what works and what doesn’t.

Personally speaking, prior to this Technology and Communication class I am currently enrolled in at Cabrini University I had never truly looked at, let alone created, a blog.  I was unaware of the amount of credible information that was available through blogs.


Scott McLeod bio

Well known for his connection with technology leadership.

 Did You Know Shift Happens (VIRAL video created by Scott McLeod)

McLeod is a leader and advocate for technology to learn.  In his most recent blog, he talks about a school public school in Colorado (St. Vrain Valley School District).  The school is teaching it’s students to be successful in the future and that requires technology.

His second most recent post deals with a comment that was asked by a fellow educator.  To be completely honest, I’ve probably said the same exact quote at one point in my educational career as well.

 “So you believe that students should be on computers all the time in school?”

There will always be people who are scared of change.  Fear is a natural reaction and it can prove to be very important in some instances, but not all.  The world is constantly changing.  As it’s changing, it’s vital to stay up-to-date and aware of the different things going on, especially if you’re involved in educator.  The future is children, children and technology.  We might as well get used to using this amazing resource and find ways it can aid us, as educators, in our teachings.

2 thoughts on “Digital Age Learning

  1. Scott,

    What a great post! The facts listed in the video are fascinating. I never considered just how much technology has changed so quickly. One fact that shows how important it is for a principal be an advocate for technology is preparing students to solve problems for jobs that haven’t been created yet. Just like you, I would never consider looking at a blog before this class. I have learned so much from researching various blogs. One blogger in particular that I fInd interesting is George Couros. His one blog spoke of how blogging is a way of networking and getting answers to questions and problems outside of the endless information on the internet. It is also a way of reflecting on your thoughts. You are right that technology is the future and students need to know how to use it. We as educators are not the end all, be all. We are now a resource and facilitator to help students to learn how to learn to find answers ans solve problems.

  2. Scott,
    Similar to you, I generally do not look at blogs. The abundance of information that is available on command is, at times, over burdensome. Adding additional voices, checking for reliability and connecting with bloggers that speak to us can be a sizable undertaking. Through this assignment, I was able to recognize the effectives of blogging as an educator and increasing my sphere of academic awareness. Great Post.

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